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Basilica di San Lorenzo Milano
Basilica di San Lorenzo
20 Jun

Basilica di San Lorenzo Milano

Basilica di San Lorenzo Milano. Although the Basilica of San Lorenzo is one of the oldest churches in Milan and was one of the major monuments of Milan and the Christian West since its construction, no exhaustive writings prior to the Renaissance have been known. The lack of official documents of the time makes it therefore impossible to provide certain and univocal information about the foundation of the basilica.

According to the Tower, the basilica of San Lorenzo dates back to a period between the end of the third and the beginning of the fourth century. When the emperor Maximianus ordered the construction of a temple dedicated to Hercules. Burned the temple, on its ruins would have been built the primitive church dedicated to San Lorenzo.

Other descriptions of the origins of the church speak of an octagonal thermal building built by Nero. Approach derived from the assonance with the Nirone torrent that once flowed near the church. While according to a tradition reported by Bonvesin de la Riva and Galvano Fiamma the complex was born as a mausoleum of Galla Placidia. Other further hypotheses indicated the origin of the basilica as an Arian temple.

Basilica di San Lorenzo Milano – Last Excavations

The last archaeological excavations have finally clarified how the basilica was erected at the beginning of the 5th century. For the foundations were used blocks of stone from the nearby amphitheater demolished in 401. In the Catalog of the Milanese Bishops, the basilica is referred to as the burial place of Bishop Eusebio of Milan between 451 and 462. So the place of worship was, if not completed, at least in an advanced state of construction.

These considerations make it plausible that the church had been built as a palatine church by Flavio Stilicone. Tutor of the young Emperor Honorius. Another original document dating back to the years between 490 and 512 tells of the construction of a chapel at the behest of Bishop Lorenzo I: the year of the dedication of the church to San Lorenzo is unknown, however it is known that the martyr had already occurred in the second half of the fifth century.

Basilica di San Lorenzo Milano – Colonne di San Lorenzo

The complex was originally introduced by a quadriportico, whose entry was in turn preceded by sixteen Corinthian columns taken from a nearby Roman temple. Today known as the columns of San Lorenzo. Of the original internal aspect, it is only known that this was decorated with stuccoes, colored marbles and mosaics, as described in the Versum de Mediolano civitate written in the VIII century.

Basilica di San Lorenzo Milano – Address

Corso di Porta Ticinese 39 – Milano

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